("Flight" - V chapter from the book "MY WORLD" by Viktor S. Grebennikov )

The introductory comment by Juri N. Cherednichenko
(Laboratory of biophysics Scientific Research Institute
of General Pathology and Human Ecology SB Russian Ac. Med. Sci. Novosibirsk-city)

Viktor S. Grebennikov is the scientist - naturalist, professional entomologist, gifted painter and, on the whole, comprehensively well-educated specialist with a wide spectrum of interests. For many people and scientists in Russia he is well-known as discoverer of cavity structural effect (CSE). But is far from being all are acquainted with his other opening, also borrowed from among concealed secrets of alive Nature. In 1988 he found out antigravitational effects of chitinous covers some insects species. But the most astonishing attendant phenomenon associated with antigravity was a phenomenon overall either partial invisibility or deformed visual perception of the material object which was located in a zone of compensated gravitation. Based on this opening and by using bionics principles, the author designed and builded antigravitational platform, and also, practically, developed principles manned flight with the speed up to 25 km/min. Since 1991-92 years the device was used by the author as a means of fast movement. It's well known wide spectrum of the natural phenomenology biogravitational effects, apparently, appropriate not only some species of insects. For example, it's numerous experimentally controlled cases of the material objects weight decrease under directed human psychokinetic influence, yogi's levitation in the states of deep transcendental Maharishi's meditation, mediums levitation or even disappearance in some rare spiritualistic communication sessions etc. But would be by a mistake to think, that similar opportunities granted only to naturally gifted people. On my belief it's general biological law which insufficiently investigated. As is known, in somnambulistic (sleep-walking)condition, weight of the man is considerably reduced. So, somnambulist, which have body weight up to 80 - 90 kg in normal, during the night travels can pass over thin wooden bar; to tread upon the man, laying in neighbour bed, which haven't feeling physical pressure (except for a fright). Some clinical cases of genuine epilepsy during small attack(pti mal) someone have result in short-term convertible personality transformation (which sometimes in the people named as possessed by evil spirit), when slender girl, exhausted by illness, or 10 years old boy get physical ability like trained athlete. Now this psychophysiological phenomenon was named multiple personality, since it considerably differs from classical variants epileptic syndrome. Such clinical cases are well known and are wide described in literature. However, the phenomena accompanying man's or material objects weight changing not always take a place in pathological conditions. The healthy people in conditions of acute emotional stress, connected with threat to life or dominant motivation of urgency achievement any vital purpose, are capable involuntarily to overcome obstacles, insuperable in a usual condition; to lift huge weights etc. Usually it try to explain by extreme mobilization muscular forces, though the exact calculation will not be correlated to the similar assumptions. Apparently, the biogravitational mechanisms are especially advanced in the sportsmen (high jumpers, weight-lifters, sprinters and long-distance runners). The productivity of their sports achievement in many respects (if not basically) is determined by psychological training, but not so much depend on physical status. If the correct scientific research problem of the human weight anomalies in various psychophysiological states was put and the equipment of dynamic monitoring of weight was created, we have received the quite objective information on this unusual phenomenon. The phenomena, short-term increase of weight of biological objects (including the men), which have been not connected with mass carry are known also. The V.Grebennikov's book is written in highly artistic style and was illustrated by author himself. It content is peculiar "dactylogram" of spiritual wealth system, ecological ideology and author's entomological autobiography. Certainly, by many readers the book will be perceived, no more than popular general conclusion of 60-year's experience of specialist in the field of insects's world secrets, embellished by elements of a science fiction. But this is deep mistake. Being well familiar with V.Grebennikov and his works not by hearsay (and we live no more than in 10 kms from each other), I can tell, that I did not see more scientific diligent and truthful researcher and talented, qualified experimenter. Unfortunately V.Grebennikov and his pioneer works are well-knownadvantageously in so-called Russian scientific "underground" environment. But, the opening of such scale, on my deep belief, should not be buried in the manuscripts, only because a scientific pragmatism not for a while yet is at authority. So be it that this popular scientific book will be for this so called "scientists" "science fiction". At everyone his faith, but just one trouble if his faith is blind. But having eyes - will see. ("" - V .. " ") .. , ...