• For a totally different interpretation, check out this conspiracy believing history of free energy 'inventions' I think the writer of it doesn't understand that many fraud perpetrators claim they've been offered outrageous sums to hook investors and then disappear after being detected to avoid incarceration - which gets interpreted by believers as evidence of a conspiracy.

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    created 9/29/96 last updated 12/31/99 -this page found at http://www.phact.org/e/dennis4.html  - get updates to Free Energy claims

    In spite of no evidence of success hundreds of people for centuries have attempted to solve the holy grail of energy production - Perpetual Motion Machines. Many people simply think it must be possible and if they only try hard enough, they will find a solution. Some of this is from Joseph Bulgatz's book: 'Ponzi schemes invaders from mars and other popular delusions'  Still to this day I get weekly emails of people who feel they are about to get one working.