• Robert  LeBreton in 1999 claimed to be making a 600 hp free energy machine  He asks for funding- I asked him for proof.
  • Renzo Boscolio in 1999 in Italy claimed to have low-energy nuclear reactions but refused to supply real proof that he promised to people who came out from Infinite Energy Magazine.
  • Doug Konzen of Seattle says he has a self running engine in Jan of 2000 that anyone can see.

  • for more reading of free energy scams check out the perpetual motion chapter of Jack Phins 'the 7 Follies of Science' - also the book 'Perpetual Motion: The History of an Obsession' and 'The Perpetual motion Mystery ' by R.A. Ford and 'The Manual of Free Energy Devices and Systems' by D. A. Kelly.
  •  Perpetual Motion - a great overview of them
  • INE Free Energy Devices Database -  - another great list of FE claims
  •  The Free Energy Archive freshly updated 8/98!

  • Creator of this here page and his skeptic pages and crack pot pages
     Milt's discussion of Free Energy and Ceti
    A excellent history of perpetual motion machines from an Australian skeptic
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  • My open prize money for a real free energy machine

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  • how to become a Free Energy con man

  • Stanley Meyers gets locked up for phony water powered cars
  • what about 300 mpg carburetors?
  • Eric's discussion of real forms of free energy
  • A more believing history of free energy claims
  • Another good overview of Free energy claimants
  • Bob Schadewald claims to have invented a Perpetual motion machine - but will the big conspiracy stop him?
  • For a totally different interpretation, check out this conspiracy believing history of free energy 'inventions' I think the writer of it doesn't understand that many fraud perpetrators claim they've been offered outrageous sums to hook investors and then disappear after being detected to avoid incarceration - which gets interpreted by believers as evidence of a conspiracy.

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    In spite of no evidence of success hundreds of people for centuries have attempted to solve the holy grail of energy production - Perpetual Motion Machines. Many people simply think it must be possible and if they only try hard enough, they will find a solution. Some of this is from Joseph Bulgatz's book: 'Ponzi schemes invaders from mars and other popular delusions'  Still to this day I get weekly emails of people who feel they are about to get one working.