Apparatus to Rectify Ether Energy" (ATREE)


  MARKOVICH, Peter: ATREE -- In 1978, Markovich and associates successfully demonstrated the "Apparatus to Rectify Ether Energy" (ATREE), a free energy device developed from Tesla's USP # 725,605 ("System of Signaling"). In its most powerful embodiment, the device produced about 500 watts of power. Here is all the info available about this little known invention...No moving parts -- all coil windings (tedious but simple) 

The large coil shape receiving instrument seen in the pictures with this report acts as a rectifier that CONVERTS "SPACE ENERGY" INTO USEFUL ELECTRICITY. 

As you can see, this device is like an inverted Tesla coil. The top is an aluminum ball. A SILVER wire or rod is connected from slightly inside the ball to the large copper ring. The copper ring is the primary tube. The coil inside the copper ring is the primary coil. The mast is then tightly wrapped with 30 gauge wire from the collector ball to the converter.  An insulator is placed over the 30 gauge wire. Now 14 gauge wire is wrapped around the insulator from ball to converter but wound in the opposite direction as the 30 gauge wire. (An additional 14 gauge non insulated copper was later added and inter twined with the 14 gauge insulated wire. The energy passing from the ball through the silver rod to the converter is moving faster than the same energy going through the 14 gauge wire coils. This differential is where the energy is collected. The silver rod is connected to the green windings inside the copper tube. All of the other windings are connected from the outside of the ball to the outside of the copper tube. NOW there is yet another coil (secondary) that is placed in the center of the converter tube or coil. This coil is colored green and yellow in the above photo. The voltage on this secondary coil is supposed to be induced from the outer coil. (sideways transformer.) The load is between the primary tube and secondary coil. 
If you are confused, well you are not the only one... I have more data on this device but the important information can be seen on the COMPARE 
The rest of the article will be condensed at a later time.

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