Apparatus to Rectify Ether Energy" (ATREE)


Important and repeated factors :

If lasers work then these theories are sound.
Tesla was a master of harmonics, as well as Keely.

Markovitch receiver The device seems to be an inverted Tesla coil.
Tesla stated his transmitter produced a "stationary wave with-a length of approximately 185,000 miles and a width of approximately 200 miles. Tesla stated further that the phenomena had a frequency of 925 cycles per second and a speed equal to Or greater than the speed of light.

 (repeated claims Britten, Tesla, Prentice, Moray, ?)

Frequency and wavelength:

500,000 cycles seems to be common. i.e. Prentice and others.(with coil wraps it is not known the exact of the Q in some experiments. Britten never stated enough information to determine wire length.)

925 cycles named. (500kc divided by 925 surprisingly equals just short of a mile. 5263)
One mile of wire is repeated. (can it be straight or coiled?)

Copper and Silver are necessary, or the preferred conductors. It would seem the reciever works like bi-metals. The ides is to have a great conductor and an ok conductor. The differential of "energy speed" is then able to be captured.

1.  A excellent single wire conductor (silver is named) must be straight and insulated.
2.  An additional wire (26 gauge copper wire is mentioned) must wrap the single wire conductor.
3.  Both wire ends are shorted together on both sides.
4.  Tesla and others claim because of the speed differential, energy is obtained. It takes longer for the energy to got through the coil therefore a differential is established. (delay line - is the part the TV needs to slow the B&W signal down so the color can catch up.)

In water pipe analogy, a 60 psi water supply is connected to 2 pipes, the first pipe is ½" and its length is 10 feet. The second pipe is 1/8" and its length is 100 feet but both pipes start and terminate in the same place because the 1/8" pipe is coiled.


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