Apparatus to Rectify Ether Energy" (ATREE)

A short history on Tesla's research is necessary to understand the basis for this new invention and- working theory. In 1899, Nikola Tesla discovered the principles that now serve as the cornerstone for the "space energy" generator being developed by Tesla Research Corporation and Tesla International in cooperation with Field Harmonics Research Group. In reviewing what was discovered by Dr. Tesla that July of 1899, we note that diagrams in UNITED STATES PATENT 725,605 entitled SYSTEM FOR SIGNALING describe the TESLA "wireless power" system.  This system according to Tesla was based on a wave phenomenon that was not electromagnetic (Hertzian) in nature.
 Due to this factor, his device (a magnifying transmitter) was able to transmit a stationary wave with-a length of approximately 185,000 miles and a width of approximately 200 miles. Tesla stated further that the phenomena had a frequency of 925 cycles per second and a speed equal to Or greater than the speed of light. Of course, the state of science at this time does not totally accept that. a particle can  travel faster than the speed of light.

To understand Dr. Tesla's magnifying transmitter, let us review the nature of this energy. The device was based on the idea that it would be possible to obtain energy out of space (classical physic's "Ether") if one had the key to such a conversion. From the Tesla experiments, of the middle and late 1890s, he had learned and confirmed a number of interesting facts.

1. Energy in space, (Ether) conferred its physical properties by the use of a specific intermingling of vibratory (Harmonic) forms. These forms can be visualized by the use of an inertial device-i.e., a spinning or vibrating object. An example of this process can be seen when applied to the property of falling bodies. For instance, if we drop a spinning gyroscope and a ball (of the same mass and density), the gyroscope will fall at a faster rate than the ball and this rate will be proportional to its spin. It is possible to liberate this "space energy" in the form of direct current electricity if an operating circuit is placed between the inner and outer planes of this inertial instrument.
2. Another means of tapping into the unlimited energy of space (Ether) is by modifying the capacities, inductance and curvature of a high voltage RCL (passive) coil. This coil must not be grounded nor its antenna constructed in the conventional means of modern electrical engineering. In addition, the efficiency ("Q") of the coil can be increased by the nature of materials employed in its construction. Hence Tesla's coils were ones of high capacitance, high induction and high curvature.

Tesla used these passive coils in the-same manner as one uses the spin of the gyroscope. Circuitry, once again, supplants mechanical Spin and is utilized in the energy's flow from the center of the coil (extra capacitor) to outside of the RCL coil. To sum up, Tesla learned that "space energy" was an energy of motion (rotation) and shape (coil harmonics). In this way, it was possible for Tesla to state in a letter to his good friend and mentor, Robert W. Underwood that he had discovered the principles for the design and construction of  "fuel less motors."


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