Apparatus to Rectify Ether Energy" (ATREE)


Depicted in the accompanying drawing (Figure 1) is a representation of an interplanetary "Magnetic Wave". These waves exist in as well as between all types of heavenly bodies. They can be recognized by the following characteristics that they hold in common.
1.  Wave propagation is by means of a spiraling motion as shown in figure 1, 
2.  These waves tend to turn their spiral in a clockwise direction.
3.  Finally, one will find that strangely enough the use of the proper materials and shape can cause a device so designed to be created that has the properties of a battery capable of producing either AC (Alternating Current) or DC (Direct Current)

Dated: .November 14, 1977

These "Magnetic" (or Para - Magnetic) waves were first discovered in modern times by the Yugoslav- American Scientist Dr. Nikola Tesla. Tesla had happened on to them as part of his decade of experimentation into whether the Earth was electrically charged and if so, could this factor be used to transmit electrical current without the use of wires. The final stages of this research took   place at Colorado Springs, Colorado in the Summer and Fall of 1899. Here, Tesla conclusively proved the correctness of his assumptions  by lightning a bank of 200 60 watt incandescent light bulbs on the summit of Pikes Peak some 26 miles from his laboratory. By 1900, Nikola Tesla had discovered that the waves were of a stationary type and that his "Tesla Oscillator" in a specially modified form could conduct an electrical circuit through the Earth and that in so doing could also magnify electrical power. Tesla now knew that electricity was also tied-to another type of magnetic (para - magnetic?) energy that could be induced to create a current potential in a circuit. Moreover, Tesla also had learned that this wave traveled between all types of heavenly bodies and could therefore be eventually be utilized as a means for interplanetary communications - a point proved by beaming a wave of this new type of energy to the Moon while at Colorado Springs. Thus, the new form of energy was seen by Tesla as a means 'to conduct electrical energy through the Earth and in this way transmit  electricity to any part of the planet. In addition, this energy  could be the medium whereby it becomes possible to conduct electricity from one heavenly body to another or to put it in more graphic terms, one could send a lightning bolt between Earth and Mars! By the time of Nikola Tesla's death in 1943, the scientific community still believed Tesla greatest discovery (The "Magnetic" wave) to be an impossibility and what Tesla himself called his greatest achievement was still not utilized by modern :.civilization.

In 1977, an American scientist of Yugoslavian origins, Dr. Peter Markovich, was able to finally duplicate the Tesla experiments and rediscover the Tesla wave phenomenon. In so doing, Markovich was able at long last to prove the validity of Tesla's concept of the new form of energy as a means to transmit as well as magnify electrical energy. This phenomenon Opens a now energy source that can be utilized for man's benefit.

At the present time, the "Magnetic (Para - Magnetic)" energy devices are being explored by Dr. Markovich and his staff in San Francisco, California, This vital research will shortly advance the realm of human knowledge and make it possible to utilize the incredible forms of energy that travel between the various points of the universe for the production of electrical energy and a new means for communications and transportation. In this way, humanity will finally be able to utilize what Dr. Tesla called his greatest achievement.


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