Paper emanators of the CSE.

Cut apart-longways-5 sheets of office paper and fold each of them accordion-like
 so as to get 10 edges and 20 surfaces. Squeeze the accordions to make them square
 and glue them on top of one another, turning each horizontally 30 degrees clockwise
 against the bottom one. 

Glue together, preferably out of dark paper, a conical, multi-layered "flower" with
 a few dozen petals; fluff up the petals. 
Test the emanators with by putting your palmon above the "flower" and underneath
 the suspended "accordion". Place them above the head of the sitting person, marking 
his sensations.

Foam plastic. We are used to the fact that this excellent thermal insulator "reflects"
 the warmth of the hand even at a distance. But even if you cover it with dark paper,
 cardboard, or a tin plate, it would still do the same. This happens due to the work 
of multiple vesicular caverns of the material that produce the CSE. 

Foam Rubber 

It is widely known that a person used to sleeping on, say, a cotton wool mattress
 doesn't sleep well at first on a rubber foam one, or else is unable to sleep at all.
 This is a typical manifestation of the CSE. Later on, the organism adapts itself to 
this new bed.

"Mushroom CSE" 

A hunter once told me that he warms up his hands in winter on bracket-fungi.
 Let us recall that the lower horizontal part of this tree fungus is full of fine
 comb-tubes through which spores fall out in summer. What the hunter felt was not warm
 but a typical CSE.

Moving "Combs"

Make a wooden whipping top and drill several through caverns on its sides, pencil-width
in diameter or a bit wider. Their CSE significantly increases if the top is rotated;
this is easily perceived by the palm.
This is due to the fact that the caverns must be numerically multiplying in space.

"Flower CSE"

 An "unnatural" position of such a seemingly common and pleasant object as a
 living flower can also change its properties. Put a bunch of several dozen
 bell-shaped flowers (tulips, narcissuses, lilies, bell-flowers) upside down above 
the head of a sitting person. To bar the impact of odors, put the flower bunch 
in a plastic bag. Write to me about the results. 

Wind-fallen trees
One of my test subjects, a geographer, said to me after experiencing
 the effect of one of my "grids" that he had once had a similar sensation many years
before, when he was passing a wind-fallen section of a forest. His head, ears, mouth,
 and the entire body felt something particularly unpleasant-the same thing he felt under
 my grid. This means that the abruptly disrupted shape of the normal multi-cavernous
 space of the forest for some time emanated waves unpleasant for humans.
Before the rain. Place a shower nozzle on a tap and run cold water.
 Slowly move your hand toward the drops coming from the sides: 
 most people feel "warmth". In reality, this is the CSE reinforced by the movement
 of ever new elements of the "multi-layered" grid-water drops and gaps between them.
 After practicing in the bathroom or kitchen, pick up an even stronger CSE from
 fountains and waterfalls. Even when the atmospheric pressure is high, the shroud of
 a distant rain creates a powerful CSE field that has its impact on a large area.
 Have you ever felt sleepy before the rain even in enclosed premises? The CSE cannot
 be screened. 

"The CSE of a Book" 

Take a thick, preferably well-read book and place it upright on the edge of a desk
 with its back facing the direction of the sun (e.g. facing north at night). 
Open the book and fluff up its pages as evenly as possible. In a few minutes
 (the CSE does not appear immediately, as it doesn't disappear immediately ether),
 pick up with your palm, tongue, or back of your head some of the sensations mentioned
 in this chapter. 
This "tail", after some practice, can be picked up at a 2-3 meters' distance.
It is also easy to verify that the "book CSE" is also non-screenable-ask someone 
to stand between the hand and the book.

"A large Cone"

With an artificial comb filling and three magnets at the back.
Two cones of this sort, positioned against each other taking into account the
 position of the sun, were in the morning of April 23, 1991, thrown apart and 
disfigured. One had been placed in Isilkul, the other near Novosibirsk
(the second one was unfolded and pressed into the wall of an underground hiding place;
its magnets disappeared).

At the same moment, residents of an Omsk apartment experienced a series of strangest
 "poltergeists" (see Vechernii Omsk for April 26 and Omsk and Moscow TV broadcasts).
 Because of this coincidence, on August 5, 1991, the same paper called the device in
 the picture "a Grebennikov's hyperboloid". 

Actually, one of the "beams" of the upright electronic waves between the two
 structures may have been formed precisely there, on the Irtysh embankment in Omsk. 

"A Medium Cone"

Tightly insert a dozen plastic household funnels into each other and fix the
 structure on any support with the nozzles turned toward the sun. Cover the bell
 end of the top funnel with a net or light blue cloth (so that the tested subjects
 not anticipate heat).

"A small cone"
Tightly roll up two unusable rolls of film, tied them up with string or thread
 and make a bell-shaped cavity in the middle of the top roll. CSE emanations can 
be easily picked up by the palm, particularly in a counter-solar position. 
You will get interesting sensations if you press this "microcone" to your forehead. 

"Perpetuum Mobile"

I surrounded my above described device [for registering CSE emanations; a straw
 indicator suspended on a cobweb thread] with seven funnel-shaped rolls of film
 [see above]. 
Slowly leaving the zone of impact of one roll, the straw would enter the power
 field of another,   then the third, and so on...

This experiment is most successful in a sound-insulated chamber, away from wires,
pipes, sources of heat, cold, and bright light.
There is no miracle here: matter is eternal in its endless movement.

A Solar Ether- and Beam Radiator 

This intricate name was devised by the Leipzig professor Otto Kornschelt who discovered
 the CSE over 100 years ago and produced devices for its practical application in
 medicine, agriculture, and technology. Rhythmic caverns were formed in them
by cooper chains.

The devices were positioned with their backsides facing the sun. It is indeed true
 that new inventions are simply well-forgotten old ones. The sensations described
 by Kornschelt are identical to the ones I experienced in my own independent work.

I learned about Korschelt's experiments very recently from M. Platten's New Medical
Technique, vol. III, St. Petersburg, 1886, where the following drawing of the device 
is reproduced.

"The sieve CSE" 
In the old days, in several areas headaches and concussion symptoms were treated
 with an ordinary flour sieve that was held above the head of the patient, net up.
 Alternatively, the patient squeezed the rim between the teeth, with the net in front
 of the face. The sieve material is unimportant. The device works better if the patient
 faces the sun (north at midnight). This type of CSE is also perceivable by healthy

The CSE and the planets. The planets of our Solar system are situated at certain
 distances from the sun. The Ticius-Bodet formula for the distance is this: 
4 is added to the numbers 3, 6, 12, 36, etc  (a geometrical progression), and the
 resulting number is divided by 10. The cause for this regularity is unknown. 
The empty spot in this progression (between Mars and Jupiter) is occupied by asteroids.
The Kemerovo physicist V. Iu. Kaznev thinks that the regularity is determined by
 the CSE generated by the sun: the matter of planets was grouped in the areas of
 the sun's field force concentration. 

The CSE in Daily Life 

Perceivable waves of matter are emanated by piles of pipes, some caves, underground
 tunnels, tree crowns; the shape of premises is also significant (round, cornered,
 cupolaed). The wall and furniture material also emanates a CSE of certain parameters.

"Micro-CSE". The CSE effect may be manifested not just in galactic or household
 scales, but also in micro-world, in substances whose molecules have caverns of
 certain shapes. For example, in naphthalene. I filled a one-liter jar with it,
 sealed it, and suspended it from the ceiling. People beneath it felt with their
 palms a whole system of power field "clots". (more so if the receptacle was suspended
 above the top of the head). Activated charcoal is also a multi-cavernous structure.
 Hold 2-3 tablets of such charcoal in your fingers as demonstrated in the picture
 and for a few minutes move your hands slightly up and down, or parting and joining 
them. Write to me about the results. 


I have so far isolated 4 CSE emanators beneficial for humans: bee honeycombs,
 a grid of joined hands (more about it in the next chapter), a sieve, a phylactery
 otherwise known as tefelin.
What is it? An old device: a tightly sown leather cube attached to a leather platform
 with two bands. Inside the cube there are four strips of parchment-tightly rolled,
 bleached, soft kidskin with Talmudic inscriptions. A worshipper attached the device
to his forehead, with the axes of parchment rolls perpendicular to the forehead and
 their outer ends facing East. It turns out, the inscriptions were unimportant;
 what matters is the material, shape, and dimensions. 

Made of different materials, the device only causes unpleasant sensations, while a 
leather tefelin produces a beneficial physiological effect-besides the shape and
 other factors, the microstructure of the material must have a part in it too.

Thoth's Scepter" 

The ancient Egyptian deity Thoth is a god of science, sorcery, and an "accountant"
 of the dead's earthly deeds. This is the design of his staff: 2- or 3mm copper wire
 is twisted at the end in the shape of a flat spiral, with 3-4 coils, each 10 cm in
 diameter'; closer to the handle there are 2 coils of transverse, 3-dimensional spiral,
 each 5 cm in diameter.

The wire is inserted in the 16-cm-long square-sectioned handle of dense wood,
4 cm thick at base and 1.5 cm thick at its end; the entire staff with the wire
is 41 cm long. The narrow end of the handle has 13 deep accordion-shaped cuts.

The staff works even without the wire (albeit not as strongly); the wire is thin and could be of any material but works best if thickly insulated-two layers increases its effect. 

If you hold the staff as demonstrated in the picture, the total radiation emanating from the center of the large spiral, perpendicular to its surface, are very well-perceivable by the
human palm on both sides.

I never found out for what purpose ancient Egyptians used this "double-beam" emanator.

The Pyramid of Cheops. 

Make a pyramid of 3-4 layers of thick, porous wrapping paper: 202x20(?) cm square base, ascending edges 19cm each. Glue it only at the edges, the tighter the better, but in a thin line.
Make a 5-6 cm hole in the middle of one of the side facets. Hold a 10 cm-long piece of drawing coal in your fingers, or simply a pencil, and insert this indicator into the hole, slanting the other end toward the bottom of the pyramid. "Stir" the space inside the pyramid with the indicator, take it out, then repeat the procedure about 30 times. 

You will soon pick up an active zone-a "clot"-where the Egyptians had their tombs. Another active zone, above the top of the pyramid, is also well-perceived by the indicator if you drag its end over  the top. After some practice, the "clot" and the "torch" are well-felt by the finger inserted into the pyramid, or a palm moved above it. 

The pyramid effect that generated over the centuries many scary, mysterious stories is one of the CSE manifestations.

The pyramid skeleton. 

Similar interesting qualities are displayed by pyramids of the same dimensions but only skeletal, without facets-a skeleton glued together of 8 smooth, firm straws. Here we get the effect of the total CSE of the straws with their complex capillary structure and the effect of the entire cavern. Such pyramids can also be made in other sizes, with a
proportional increase in the length of the edges.

Hold such a pyramid above the head of your friend, bottom down, for about 5 min, then bottom up. Conduct additional experiments with insects  (bumblebees, developing caterpillars, etc.), house plants, and perishable foods by placing the latter within the pyramid, above and underneath it  (always checking your experiments by identical
ones but without the CSE effect). And you will see that ancient Egyptians had their reason to build pyramids...


This is the name for a contactless movement of light objects of which the so-called
 gifted people are capable - i.e. moving a match box on a table without touching it,
 holding a tennis ball in the air... 

I submit that everyone has this ability. Suspend the described skeletal pyramid by
 its top from the ceiling on a thin, artificial thread, or better still on a long shred
 of elastic torn from a stocking. Choose a spot with the lowest convection 
(air circulation).

In a few hours, when the pyramid stops rotating, from a 2-meter distance point at it
 a "tube" made up of two hands (see picture). In a few minutes (do not lose your "target")
, the pyramid will start rotating clockwise under the pressure of this beam of CSE energy.
 Stop the rotation by moving the "tube" to the right side of the skeleton-it will start
rotating counter-clockwise.

Conduct experiments of various duration, after various time intervals and at various
 distance. You will see that telekinesis is no miracle, but only one of the
 manifestations of the Will of Matter that is available to a chosen few but to everyone.
 The thing is that the palm is also a multi-cavernous structure that clearly repels the
 indicator of the straw-cobweb device described in this chapter. By using it and the
 skeletal pyramid, you can practice and develop your "telekinetic" abilities,
 significantly increasing them.

"The CSE of cereals". 

Fasten a bunch of 30-40 ripe wheat ears, better with short stems, inside a low cone
 of dark paper-as in the picture.

Hand-perceivable emanations repel the straw indicator of the same device through any
screens-even sharper than some honeycombs. 

This effect is produced by multiple wedge-shaped sinuses between ear scales that are
 directed at an acute angle toward the bottom of the ear. 

Haymaking with "Miracles" 

In my youth, I was shown the following: a fragment of a cut stem, the length of a short pencil, was placed on the blade of a scythe, next to its blunt edge; another stem fragment of the same length, placed on the blade in the same manner but at some distance, was pushed by the hand to the first one.

At about 8cm, the first stem got moving, "ran away" from the second stem along the rim. The  experiment wasn't always successful; it usually occurred right after the cutting of a large amount of grass from the same spot; I forgot some elements or conditions of
the experiment.

I think the following factors were at work here: an abrupt change of the total CSE field on the "deformed" meadow (let us remember the windfall case), the grid of the reaper's fingers, the multi-cavernous properties of the stem itself, and perhaps its position against the morning sun. Static electricity is excluded as everything at that hour is wet.

Identified Flying Objects. A long time ago, in a remote Caucasus village,
 I was surprised that people walk around the mountains at night, through dense forests.
 They all had lit cigarettes in their mouths, are all waving their hands,
 and their cigarette lights for a second disappear behind their bodies....
 It turned out those weren't cigarettes, but local fireflies, Luceola mingredica;
 their light twinkle in this manner. Meanwhile, UFO reports and letters from my readers
 tell of dark flying saucers that turn out either a flock of birds or a compact swarm of
 insects . I myself saw in Siberia not just "columns" of insects but also "balls" ,
 3 or 4 meters in diameter: in one case those were some mosquito-like fliers, in another,
 winged ants of the Mirmica genus. From afar this swarm could by taken by an ignorant
 person for a huge, round plasmoid. 

A detailed description of the CSE effect may be found in my book Mysteries of the World
 of Insects (Novosibirsk, 1990), in the journals Sibirskii vestnik selskokhoziastvennoi
 nauki, no.3, 1984, and Pchlovodstvo, no. 12, 1984. The physical nature of CSE
 is described in Non-periodic Galloping Phenomena in the Environment, vol. III
 (Tomsk, 1988). All in all I have published over three dozen articles on the CSE.

As promised, I will describe the rest in my next book. I will call it as I called 
this chapter: Flight.

NOTE from Jerry Decker : Victor S. Grebennikov died at the age of 74 in
April 2001 as reported to KeelyNet in two phone calls to his surviving son Sergei.

This all came about from an email from a friend in Russia by the name of Youlain who sent
 in the URL some two years ago. When I saw the pictures of the platform, especially
 the one hovering over the ground I thought it was a hoax, but I couldn't stop thinking
 about it so translated the webpage in sections beginning with the technical descriptions. 

As correlations began to fall into place, I hesitated reporting it because his writing
indicated psychogenic effects associated with these structures, meaning it could be
hallucinations, delusions or daydreams perpetrated with jumping into the air while on the
platform as what the TMers (Transcendental Meditation) devotees claim as 'flight'. 

However, other aspects of his claims led me to think he really had discovered something.
With the idea of getting a copy of the book, I ended up sending some $200 to Yuri with the instructions being to take out the cost of the book and shipping, give the rest to the
Professor. I did receive the book (Youlain bought his for $7.00 US but he lives in Russia.)

Meanwhile, I had made a 'secret' page on KeelyNet whose URL I mailed out to long time
trusted confidants to see what they thought about it since I valued their insights, opinions
and knowledge, asking them to keep it on the QT until I heard from the professor direct, if possible. From their responses, new information was added.

However, one of these long time confidants who over the years since the BBS days, shared much useful information, had now become infatuated with public attention and so posted the URL and claimed I was 'hiding' information in order to further his newfound career of public speaker and author. Very sad to see this but ego just took him over, so he's gone.

In the meantime, Yuri had kindly provided me with the Professors mailing address and I
immediately wrote to him in Russian, sending at least 5 packets over the next year of
correlated information to him and all translated into Russian. 

In all that time I received only one letter from the Professor which stated he had suffered a stroke, that he had no degree and had learned what he knew from his experiences in
'gulags' (Russian prison of war) and was paralyzed on one side, having to type this letter
with one finger. At the time of his response, he wrote he had received 3 of my letters,
indicating in the letter that his son had withheld the ones I sent in February until May
before he actually saw them. 

I asked his son in the phone call why they had not responded with but one letter in the past 2 years and he said the entire family had been ill, especially his father. Early in 2001,  I asked Yuri if I flew over there and pre-arranged an interview with Professor Grebennikov, would he serve as translator and he agreed, that was roughly in February. It was only when I called Sergei in July, after the June KeelyNet conference, that I learned Professor Grebennikov was deceased.

The Professor had written that he would like me to republish his book in English and so I
was trying to get him to sign a copyright release to pursue that project. After his death, the rights would have gone to Sergei, so I asked him if he would be willing to sign such a
release for a percentage of book sales and he didn't seem to comprehend the matter over
two phone calls and a detailed letter with release form. The calls were made in Russian as
translated by my Russian translator Helena. She also wrote and sent the letter with
copyright release to which Sergei has not responded as of December 6th, 2001.

It takes about two to three weeks for a letter to get from Dallas to his village near
Novosibirsk and the same to get back. They don't offer UPS, FedX, or any faster means of snail communication and the Professor was not online, relegated to living on $24.00 US per month in his retirement. That is another reason I was considering publishing his book as his percentage would greatly improve his income level, that is irrelevant now.

In the book, of the sections we have in English, he asks only to be recognized by his peers and in the history books as the discoverer of the CSE phenomenon. He has of course refused to reveal the name of the insect and even the genus, it could be a beetle, a
butterfly, a bee, a wasp, a locust, a grasshopper, a dung beetle. There are some 1100
species of beetles in Russia.

Professor Grebennikov was a great ecologist as you can tell by his protective attitude
toward the environment. He was afraid if the name of the insect were revealed, people
would rush to the area and kill off all of them. I wrote him in two separate letters that it was not necessary to know the insect name or genus. 

In order to allow verification, all we needed were TWO of the insect covers which could be analyzed under an electron microscope to determine geometry and dimensions, from that point, it should be possible to duplicate it artificially and the insect would be forever safe.

I offered the Professor $1,000 US in cash if he could send me two of the covers (I sent
money to pay shipping) AND they exhibited the gravity repelling characteristic he had
seen. He indicates the effect was not magnetic, electrostatic or due to stray air currents.

He never responded which his son claims was due to illness.

At any rate, the entire book is currently being translated and my current plans are to
extract technical information and compile it with other information which correlates and
supports what the Professor claims. 

This will be sold through KeelyNet to recover my personal expenditures and to support
KeelyNet along with further research, donations are greatly appreciated.

There is a lot of weirdness going on with this. I asked Sergei if he could provide a couple of the covers, he said he didn't know what they were or where they came from. I then asked him what happened to his fathers flying platform, he said (in a hesitant and halting fashion) his father had hidden it and he didn't know the location. 

We have since read an email from a Russian scientist who visited Professor Grebennikov
in the hospital and claims he was told firsthand that he had smashed the platform to pieces. Sergei also said many people had been contacting he and his father since the publication of the book some 6-7 years ago, with everyone wanting the secret, but his father had never revealed it.

Numerous posts have been made to the KeelyNet Interact discussion list on cavities,
nanostructures, arrays, chitin, dielectrics and related subjects for those who are interested
in this claim.

Additional information has been posted in the Chaos file, the Time Dilation file and in dual presentations (Decker & Davidson) made at the June KeelyNet 2001 conference in Dallas  (available on videotape). See also Dan Davidsons' experiments with shape power and Joe Parrs original discovery of energy bubbles in pyramidal structures.

Many are involved in this and have widely varying views. At this time, we have no
verfiable experimental evidence of the late Professor Grebennikovs wide-ranging and
earth-shaking claims. As you can see, they span all branches of science, philosophy and
theosophy, shedding quite new and novel views on the nature of gravity, time and
paranormal experiences.

We will continue to correlate information and try to pin down experiments that can verify
various aspects of his claims. He has certainly provided many experiments that seem to
rely mostly on human perceptions.

We need to find ways to detect these emanations with instrumentation, exactly the same
problem we have with Aether/ZPE, we need a kind of attachment for a FLUKE meter and a scope to be able to qualify and QUANTIFY these kinds of energies.

I would like to add one further comment, please do not confuse time dilation with time
travel. They are not remotely the same. Time dilation simply slows down the local temporal field of an object, kind of like a 'stasis' field on Star Trek so that anything outside this local area moves at the normal speed, while anything inside this field ages at a slower rate.
Refer to the Time Dilation file.

The Professors' friend and associate is Yuri N. Cherednichenko.

If you have comments, ideas or information relevant to the above, please post it to the
KeelyNet discussion list or send it to Jerry Decker for posting to the list, thanks!

Additional fascinating information relating to weight loss in sleepwalkers was provided by Slavek Krapelka and with full details posted at his website at;

                Amazing Sleepwalking Experiments

Again, we want to publicly acknowledge the efforts of Slavek Krapelka and Ren Berghuis for spending the $300.00 to get the Chapter 5 file translated and passing it on.

If you would like to contribute something to help them recover their costs, please send an
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