March 7, 2000

Mr. Larry J. Ellison, Chairman
Oracle Corp.
P.O. Box 659507
Redwood Shores, California 94065

Subject:  AntiGravity Propulsion Research Proposal

Dear Mr. Ellison,

Would You be interested in funding the paradigm-shifting, futuristic-technology
of  'antigravity' propulsion research?

I define 'antigravity' herein as the utilization of technology to manipulate and/or control
the Force-of-Gravity such that we can use this mechanism as a propulsion system
for all types of transportation,  from small personal backpack levitation units,
to large cargo vehicles, to space ships.

With the possible near advent of  'antigravity' technology,  (ref: enclosed attachments),
there could be major impacts on many technology fields such as Transportation,
Energy Resources, and Communications.

Also, there is no doubt that an antigravity propulsion system would provide
highly favorable effects on the environment.

My research proposal is initially for a one-year, one-man effort.
I hope this is of interest to you.

Sincerely,  Clark N. Champe  -  Professional Engineer

Phone:  1-805-967-1664

   1. Business Plan - AntiGravity Propulsion Proposal
   2. Resume of Principal Investigator - Clark N. Champe
   3. Antigravity article from Discovery Magazine, May 1999

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