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Padre Pio

  Padre Pio was the religious name of Italian mystic Francesco Forgione.


A speaker at the Rosary for Peace Rally, Dayton, Ohio, October 1986 said, "Padre Pio is the only man known to have possessed all seven spiritual gifts. These were: Stigmata, Prophecy ( Padre Pio prophesied that when there were as many Blue Army members as Communist party members, Russia would be converted), Discerning of spirits (he could tell if you were lying to him in Confession ). Invisibility, Levitation, Bi-location, and Heavenly Fragrance (he smelled good without applying perfume)."

In PADRE PIO THE STIGMATIST by Rev. Charles Carty (the same priest who teamed with Rev. Rumble to write RADIO REPLIES), we read of many miraculous claims that occurred in Padre Pio's life. He foretold the exact moment of the death of the King of England; when bombers were sent to bomb his city, he levitated to the height of the airplanes to deter them, and thousands of healings were attributed to him, including many to which he bi-located. Incidents of his invisibility were numerous, and he very often read the minds of unsuspecting people. The stigmata (wounds of Christ) poured forth large quantities of blood - the wound in his side is said to have bled a cupful every day, and yet, despite Padre Pio's only eating one sparse meal a day, he never lost any weight or energy. If you are interested in reading the book, it is published by TAN BOOKS AND PUBLISHERS, Rockford, IL 61105 and can be obtained at almost any Roman Catholic bookstore.