I have for many years theorised the existence of four poles interacting in any magnet. There is little doubt that two poles dominate from what is observed, and taught, in classical texts.

However, since my discovery of engineering magnets into forming four poles - and, in so doing, quadrupling the energy - surely some light has been shed on the theory of the existence of four poles. Bruce Cathie and I will investigate this further when time permits.

A rectangular or cube magnet, when engineered into the Adams technology, becomes a unit consisting of four twin poles, each face containing a north and a south pole, separated by a zero vortex in the centre of each of the four twin poles, and all displaying similar energies.

Ironically, but not unexpectedly, this super twin-pole magnet is a very valuable adjunct to further advancement of the Adams Motor technology. The energy found on the edges of each of the four faces is very high-25 per cent of the total energy of the full face.

The present lab magnets are approximately three-quarters-of-an-inch cube. The edge of any face will hold a five-kilogram steel or iron block in mid-air. When the full face of the magnet is attached to metal, a force of beyond 20 kg is required to remove it. In my presentation to the NEXUS Conference, I advised tests would be carried out this month to determine the strain required to remove the magnet.

The dice-sized magnet was attached to a steel plate on a ceiling rafter and, with the aid of a chain, a 15-kilogram block was first attached to it; then a 4.7-kg block added on with a nylon rope; then another 200-gram block was attached; then, a fourth 2W-gram block. The magnet still hanging fast, a 100-gram block was added; then...wait for it...CRASH to the floor. The magnet was still attached to its anchor on the roof-rafter!

A magnet, approximately three-quarters-of-an-inch cube, weighing only 60 grams, capable of holding a weight of beyond 20 kilograms in mid-air, 333.333 times its own weight? Will this at last have something of an effect on the closed ignorant minds of conventional science?

The way now must surely be clear that space/gravity energy via electromagnetic forces of permanent magnets is not impossible nor difficult to harness. The space/gravity energies are clean, non-exhaustible and free. The Adams technology has proved this and leaves no grounds for dispute.

Einstein's sacrosanct theories of relativity, and the laws of thermodynamics, are the most remarkable and inexplicable aberrations ever recorded in scientific history. These draconian false teachings have been instrumental in impeding tbe process of science towards free, clean energy.


The classical theory of magnetism from the textbooks attiibutes the phenomenon to the motion of electrons within the atoms of molecules. There is evidence that the orbital electrons in an atom not only revolve about the nucleus of the atom, but also each individual electron spins about an axis througb its centre. Isis believed that in highly magnetic materials, each atom has many more electrons spinning in one direction than in another.

In the submicroscopic region, i.e., the "domain", many of these atoms with electron spin in one direction create a magnetic field which effectively supplements the field engendered by the revolving electrons. Each domain thus becomes a tiny magnet. When the domains are in random state, the substance as a whole is not a magnet. The application of external magnetic field will reorient the domains and produce a magnet in the way described above.

When the application of an external magnetic force has been applied and all the domains have been aligned, the condition of MAGNETIC SATURATION has been reached, and any further increase in strength of the external force field will not increase the magnetisation of the iron any further. With the advent of the Adams Permanent Magnet Technology, is it not further evidence that conventional text teachings have reached the stage when they should be rewritten?

From the observations of certain lab experiments with ball-bearings, it is the opinion of the discoverer that the electrons circulate in conjugate pairs and have a spin opposite to that of rotation, and that the spin is four times greater than that of the orbital rotation. I note also that conventional texts prefer not to state direction of spin, nor velocity relative to orbital motion.

I do not therefore subscribe to the statement that "in highly magnetic materials, each atom has many more electrons spinning in one direction than in another". I feel such a condition cannot pertain in light of my discoveries.

Also to be addressed is the matter of the massive energy increase resulting from the Adams applied technology. Are man-made scientific laws once again violated? If the magnetic material is saturated when subjected to an external energy source, the Adams technology must then be gating space/gravity energy.

There is overwhelming evidence that space/gravity energy can be concentrated, focused and/or magnified by permanent magnets.

(c) 1995 Robert Adams Whakatane, New Zealand

Source: Nexus magazine, June-July 1995