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AntiGravity is the AeroSpace Propulsion System
of the Very Near Future !!!

This Web Site is Dedicated to
Trying to Find the Mechanism to Construct
an AntiGravity Propulsion System.

We will provide a collecting and distribution site
for all possible AntiGravity mechanisms, theories, concepts,
ideas, experiments and internet links.

'There are no unnatural or supernatural
phenomena, only very large gaps in our
knowledge of what is natural...We should
strive to fill those gaps of ignorance.'
* Edgar D. Mitchell = Apollo 14 *

'We live in an extraordinary age!
We are set irrevocably, I believe, on a path
that will take us to the stars...'
* Carl Sagan = AstroPhysicist *

'We can lick gravity,
But sometimes the paperwork is overwhelming!'
* Wernher von Braun = Rocket Scientist *

'Chemical rockets produce thrilling loud noises
and spectacular fireworks - thereby providing
great entertainment and distraction
for the general populace!'
* Anonymous *

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***Web-Site Up-Dated June, 2000***

*** Introduction ***
Copyright 1997,1998,1999,2000 by CN Champe

Gravity research is at the forefront of scientific research today.
Physicists are devoting enormous resources towards finding the true connections between the force of gravity and the other known forces of the Universe - the strong force, the weak force, and the electro-magnetic force. Once the actual connections are determined, the mechanism of gravity-control (antigravity) should be more readily constructable.

This web site contains summaries and hyperlinks compiled from thousands of the latest reports and other information by gravity researchers from all over the world !

It contains gravity theories, matter and energy concepts, nuclear and universe structure theories, etcetera.

It should provide a helpful mental exercise to jog your own brain into producing ideas which may lead to the actual gravity-control mechanism.

It is hoped that this web site will be of some help in the dispersion of gravity knowledge so that this field can be furthered more quickly and lead to a breakthrough in the utilization of gravity as an aerospace propulsion system.

In this web-site, you will find no formulas pertaining to the measurement of the gravity field. Any physics book can give you that information. You will probably find no 'pat answers' herein, because as of yet there are none known.

We are not trying to discover how to measure gravity, we are trying to discover what it is, what causes it, what is its mechanism, how can it be controlled ?

Somewhere a shred of evidence exists which will tie some loose ends together, and we will grasp the final product = Gravity-Control !!!

Any model of the Universe, be it based on ether, relativity, quantum mechanics, or something else, is used basically to set up a mathematical 'game' which is then manipulated to fit the external facts. We then attempt to play this game as far as it will go, watching for new phenomena to develop along the way. Therefore, it makes no difference which Universe model is used to derive the equations that will enable us to design a practical gravity-control aerospace propulsion system. The end result is the same =
Anti-Gravity !!!

A vehicle powered by a gravity-control method would actually have only one system different from present day space craft. This, of course, is the propulsion system. All other technologies, life support, navigation, communications, structural materials, etc., would be direct derivations from those in use today. - But what an incredible propulsion system !

According to many physicists, it would not only drive the vehicle, it would also eliminate mass-inertial effects on the vehicle and the crew ! This would mean unlimited accelerations in any direction including small-radius turns. For a tight turn, a force field would exactly counterbalance the centrifugal force so that neither the vehicle nor the passengers would be subject to uncomfortable strains.

High accelerations could be used to attain relativistic speeds within a reasonably short time, thereby making possible space travel not only to distant solar systems within our own Milky-Way galaxy, but also exploration of at least some of our nearby neighboring galaxies. Since the speeds would be near that of light, these giant steps could be easily made within the life span of one generation of crew members. However, it must be realized that the Earth would have gone thru many generations by the time the excursion had returned, and some precautions would probably be necessary to provide for this time difference. As an example, a crew member may want to have his/her immediate family with him/her on a trip in order to insure a reasonable adjustment to Earth life on their return.

But what of the effects of gravity-control machines here on Earth ? As a starter, all other forms of transportation would become obsolete ! As efficient 3-dimensional travel becomes practical, automobiles, trucks, railroads, ships, and even conventional airplanes would be considered impractical for commercial uses. Highways, bridges, railroad tracks, harbors, and airports as we know them would no longer be needed and therefore would mostly fade away from our landscapes.

Transformation of our cities would be phenomenal and can only be guessed at. Intra-city transportation would be by air thereby eliminating the need for streets. No limits on building height would be necessary as deliveries could be made at any floor with ease, and structural problems of massive buildings would be alleviated by adequate application of gravity-control in the architecture.

Many factors affecting the location of cities (such as good highways, waterways, etc.) would no longer prevail as supplies would be readily available from any part of the country within very short time frames and with great efficiency. Indeed, cities might not remain at ground level at all, and many may be built as islands in the sky.

True suburban living would become a reality, with most families owning a high-speed antigravity propulsion transporter, able to land in any small cleared area with little noise and great safety. These vehicles would produce minimal air pollution, being powered by electrical energy derived from attendant zero-point energy systems.

A typical commuter might live 200 miles or more from work or shopping in a secluded mountain setting of his/her choice. After morning breakfast, he/she would stroll to the back yard, step into a small antigravity-powered car and be at work or shopping in a few minutes. In fact, his/her home itself may be highly mobile, with the capability of quickly moving from area to area, a mobility which today's trailers and motorhomes only hint at.

Picture a home capable of being moved from a seashore to a favorite mountain lake and then to a spot along a quiet river or a secluded desert hideaway - all within minutes after the thought occurred to you ! This is well within the capability of a home built around a gravity-control propulsion unit.

Even with the projections of the future we have made here, we have truly barely scratched the surface of the developments possible with gravity control. As seen in the classical example of the laser, new inventions have an unpredictability of uses. We have a very exciting future to look forward to !!!

To those of you who do not wish to engage in the actual experimentation, the Anti-Gravity Power research organization would be happy to receive any and all theories, ideas, and concepts related to anti-gravity, whether it be only the seedling of an idea or a long thought out treatise.

*** Copyright 1997,1998,1999,2000 by CN Champe ***

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'The Universe is not only stranger than we imagine -
It's stranger than we can imagine!
* John S. Haldane = British Astronomer *

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