Other Websites: Best Ones
Tim Ventura: Podkletnov's SC/Vandegraaff device 
Vasant corp. 
Gravity Control dot org 
NASA breakthrough propulsion: skeptic 
Laithwait's heresy 
Gravity Society 
Roschin/Godin Device replication of Searle's disk 
Electrostatic "lifters" (T. Ventura) 
deSeversky's Ionocraft (1964 Popular Mechanics) 
Lifters (J. L. Naudin) 
P. Skeggs' QUANTUM CAVORITE page , and archive copy 
Replicating Schnurer's SC Gravity exp. 
The Gravity Engine (fiction) 
CIPA papers, see Origin of Inertia 
NASA's Breakthrough Propulsion Physics 
Antigravity Forum (Egroups) 
J. Bayles' Electrogravity site and online book 
Yost's Electric Spacecraft Journal 
Cox's Antigravity News, $24/yr 
Videos, device patents
K. Brown's "Gravitational Engineering" (Wallace's physics) 
S. Dufresne's various experiments 
Spacedrives Archive 
Woodward Drive on P. Skeggs page 
Dr. Woodward's Site 
Keelynet Gravity page 
C. Brush, Kinetic Theory of Grav., from R. Muha's page 
Jean-Louis Naudin page 
Nils Rognerud page 
T.T. Brown page 
Hovertech, about "hoverboards" 
Fourmilab Gravity Detector 
Antigravity list (discussion group) 
Some Papers
Podkletnov/Modanese Gravity Pulse Paper, .pdf(uses VandeGraaff & superconductor) New, Aug 2001 
Fields as multi-dimension entities 

Many Other Antigrav Websites:
deSeversky's Ionocraft (1964 Popular Mechanics) 
Vasant corp. 
How lifters *don't* fly in vacuum 
Nick Reiter articles 
Lifter Theory, E. Barsoukov 
DeAquino's VLF electrogravity 
Gravity waves research project 
Various sensors 
Gravity sensor, electroluminescentGalletti/Aluigi 
BAE Systems Greenglow 
Russian Gravity Experiments (A. Frolov page) 
Alex Frolov's site 
Vacuum Propellors (Walker's fourmilab) 
Distinti's electrograv page 
Tolchin device generates translation, not thrust? 
Modern Relativity, FTL math 
Gravity Gate 
Gyroscopic Inertial Thruster (GIT) 
SUPERSYMMETRY, linear mechanical thrusters 
P. B. Fred 
Artificial Inertia 
Gyroscopic Propulsion 
J.L. Naudin's Gyroscope exp't. 
The X Prize, last one into LEO is a rotten egg! 
Dr Aspden's pages 
Flywheels and Gravity 
Supergravitons & Cold Fusion 
Gravity, an Introduction (Aspden) 
Elektromagnum: Physics (mostly antigravity) 
Elektromagnum's old Keelynet archive: Gravity 
INE Antigravity Articles 
JERK, 3rd derivative of position, from Physics FAQ 
Searle Page, famous antigravity device 
Stellar Drive based on pulsed EM 
Euejin Jeong & dipole gravity 
ISPEGFT, gravi-fugal flight 
Hartman propulsion 
Levitron& a stolen invention? 
Lorrey Drive 
Gravity Wave Research Project (Hodowanec sensor) 
Hoverboard Resources 
Levitating Frog 
Colorado Superconductor, HTSC disks for do-it-yourself 
Roswell bismuth/mag layered fragment, Keelynet file 
Keelynet's files on Gravity (mirror on Elektromagnum) 
Project Magnet Hamel flying disks 
Center for Gravitational Physics and Geometry 
Inst. for New Energy Antigravity 
US Antigravity Squadron 
UFO engine 
LIGO Quantum Gravity telescope 
Project Omicron Amateur Gravity Research 
Real flying saucers 


Some "Dean Drive"type patents
Dobos 4,579,011 
Cuff 4,095,460 
Benson 3,863,510 
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