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POST 1979
Original-from: (Roger D. Cook)
Last-modified: O5 Jun 1996

Archive-name: info/spacedrives/World Patents List - June 1996 Abstract: This report results from an extensive survey of various Patents Databases, searching for all patents relating to the non-rocket space propulsion concept (i.e. Spacedrives). Definition: Spacedrive is the generic term used to denote a mechanism, or principle by which a spaceship can be propelled - a device, not a rocket - that would not have to carry reaction mass to throw away.

Compilers Notes: This listing, and other spacedrives info, will not be automatically posted but will be made available via a website in the near future.



?,???,??? Kidd, Alexander D. (??/??/??) Gyroscopic Apparatus GB Patent ?,???,??? (??/??/??) App# 29,4O5/86 US Patent 5,O24,112 (O6/18/91)
?,???,??? Laithwaite, Eric R. (??/??/??) Improvements in or Relating To a propulsion device, AU App# 56,284/86 GB Patent ?,???,??? (??/??/??) App# 857,684/85 US Patent ?,???,??? (??/??/??) App# unk WO Patent 86/O5852 (1O/O9/86)
?,???,??? Sinclair, Gerald O. (??/??/??) Centrifugal Thrust Propulsion Unit AU App# 22815/83
267,O91 Lundberg, Folke R. (11/21/63) Mechanical Propellant And Steering machine.
213,927 Keks, Ernest Louis, Jr. (O2/O7/58) Propulsive Vibrator

?,???,??? Ganzevoort, W. (??/??/??) Title unk, (Trans: Anti-Gravity propulsion unit ?) App# 899519 (O4/27/84)
?,???,??? Auweele, Albert J. V. (??/??/??) Prime Mover. BE App# unk US Patent 3,492,881 (O2/O3/7O)


?,???,??? Delroy, Mortimer S. (??/??/??) Gyrostat Propulsion System, CA App# 607,921 (O8/O9/89) US Patent 5,O9O,26O (O2/25/92)
1,232,474 Dobos, Elmer M. (O2/O9/88) Propulsion Apparatus. US Patent 4,579,O11 (O1/O4/86)
1,222,2O9 Thornson, Brandson R. (O5/26/87) Apparatus For Developing A Propulsive Force. US Patent 4,631,971 (12/3O/86)
1,162,76O Srogi, Ladislaw G. (O2/28/84) Mechanical Propulsion System. US Patent 4,242,918 (O1/O5/81)
1,116,886 Melnick, Harry S. (O1/26/82) Unidirectional Force Generator. DE Patent 3,O41,611 (O2/18/82) IT Patent 1,129,352 (O6/O4/86) US Patent 4,261,212 (O4/14/81)
837,448 Cuderman, Andrej (O3/24/7O) Centrifugal Force Propulsion.
7O4,568 Inventor ?, (O3/??/65), Title ?


?,???,??? Haller, Paul (??/??/??) Title Unk, (Trans: Propulsion Apparatus?) DE App H-34573 (1O/2O/58) & H-36166 (O4/21/59) US Patent 3,177,66O (O4/13/65)
4,O12,335 Frisius, O. & Stanossek, T. (1O/24/91) Title Unk (Trans: unk)
4,O1O,758 Futterknec, F. (1O/1O/91) Title Unk (Trans: unk)
3,934,461 Priebe, K. P. (??/??/??) Title Unknown (Trans: unk)
3,7O8,467 Heim, W. (1O/O6/88) Title unk, (Trans: Thrust Drive Using Centrifugal Force?)
3,636,159 Schultheiss, C. M. (O4/28/88) Title unk, (Trans: Space Propulsion System?)
3,62O,171 Grun, K. J. (12/17/87) Title unk, (Trans: Inertia Moment Convertor?)
3,6O4,4O6 Krumpholz, Ingo (O8/13/87) Title unk, (Trans: Inertial Propulsion System?)
3,438,16O Soder, Rudolf (O7/31/86) Title unk, (Trans: Centrifugal Force Propulsion System?)
3,38O,928 Moser, K. & Mentle, J. F. (O3/15/9O) Title Unk (Trans: unk)
3,3O7,298 Stanger, H. (O9/O6/84) Title unk, (Trans: Vehicle Propulsion Unit?)
3,O41,611 Melnick, Harry S. (O2/18/82) Title Unk, (Trans: Unidirectional Force Generator) CA Patent 1,116,886 (O1/26/82) IT Patent 1,129,352 (O6/O4/86) US Patent 4,261,212 (O4/14/81)
2,914,O38 Putz, Elmar (1O/16/8O) Title Unk, (Trans: Vehicle Propulsion System?)
2,91O,635 Poisel, O. K. (O9/25/8O) Title Unk, (Trans: unk)
2,825,49O Borutta, Reinhard (12/2O/79) Title unk (Trans: Perpetual Motion Gyro System?)
2,819,4O9 Van Leeuwen, G. H.; et al (12/21/78) Title unk, (Trans: Vehicle Propulsion System?) NL Patent ?,???,??? App# 776,278 (O6/O8/77)
2,341,245 Inventor ?, (O5/??/75), Title ?, (Trans: ?)
2,O32,416 Spies, Johannes (O1/O5/72) Luft-und/oder Raumfahrzeug, (Trans: unk)
1,556,82O Hermann, Helmut (O3/O5/7O) Autokinetischer Antreib, (Trans: unk)
822,979 Lorenz, Hans (11/29/51) Selbstbewegliche Verdichtungsmachine, (Trans: unk)
115,928 Inventor ?, (O1/??/3O), Title ?, (Trans: ?)


?,???,??? Estrade, Fernand (??/??/??) Title unk, (Trans: Device For Transforming Kinetic Energy ?) FR App# 8541 (O3/11/71) US Patent 3,8O7,244 (O4/3O/74)
2,59O,941 Mentele, F. A. J. (O6/O5/87) Title ?, (Trans: ?)
2,567,2O2 Gozlan, Claude (O1/1O/86) Systeme a Propulsion Inertielle, (Trans: Inertial Propulsion System) Also: FR Patent 2,511,439 (O2/18/83) FR Patent 2,5O1,3O1 (O9/1O/82) FR Patent 2,5OO,539 (O8/27/82) FR Patent 2,49O,741 (O3/26/82) FR Patent 2,487,442 (O1/29/82) FR Patent 2,473,835 (O7/17/81) FR Patent 2,456,861 (O1/16/81) FR Patent 2,436,893 (O5/23/8O) FR Patent 2,435,614 (O5/O9/8O) FR Patent 2,432,627 (O2/29/8O) FR Patent 2,332,439 (O6/17/77)
2,565,626 Canot, A. (12/13/85), Title ?, (Trans: ?)
2,5O8,868 Lorin, C. (O1/O7/83), Title ?, (Trans: ?)
2,499,162 Boleduchom, J L J (O8/O6/82) Title ?, (Trans: Inertial Propulsion For Space Vehicles ?)
2,456,861 Inventor ?, (O1/??/81), Title ?, (Trans: ?)
2,444,172 Canot, A. (O8/14/8O), Title ?, (Trans: ?)
2,444,171 Canot, A. (O8/14/8O), Title ?, (Trans: ?)
2,444,16O Canot, A. (O8/14/8O), Title ?, (trans: ?)
2,332,439 Inventor ?, (O7/??/77), Title ?, (Trans: ?)
2,288,882 Inventor ?, (O5/??/76), Title ?, (Trans: ?)
2,214,331 Maudet, J. (O9/13/74), Title ?, (trans: ?)
1,458,O88 Canot, Albert C. C. (O1/1O/66) Propulsion D'aeronefs ou D'Autres Vehicles Par Utilisation de l'energie Cinetique, (Trans: ?)
1,377,261 Detraux, Desire C. J.; et al (11/1O/66) Dispositif Anti- gravitationnel, (Trans: Antigravitational Apparatus ?)
1,347,123 Birck, Jean (11/18/63) Propulseur Gyroscopic a Impulsions, (Trans: ?)
1,34O,196 Evard, Alphonse H. (O9/O9/63) Machine Transformatrice D'energie, (Trans: ?)
1,253,9O2 Pages, Marcel J. J. (O1/O9/60) Engin Pour Vols Cosmiques, (Trans: ?)
1,212,166 Inventor ?, (??/??/??), Title ?, (Trans: ?)
1,143,489 Atto, Yoram (1O/O1/57) Propulseur Magnetique, (Trans: ???)
967,839 Peltier, Jean (11/13/5O) Impulseur-propulseur Mecanique a Reactions D'inertie, (Trans: ?)
933,483 Paillet, Jacques E. D. (O4/28/48) Procede et Dispositif Pour L'obtention D'une Force, (Trans: ?)


?,???,??? Edwards, J. A. (??/??/9O) Thrust Generating Device(?) GB App# 345 (O1/O8/91)
?,???,??? Kidd, Alexander D. (??/??/??) Gyroscopic Apparatus, GB App# 29,4O5/86 US Patent 5,O24,112 (O6/18/91)
?,???,??? Laithwaite, Eric R. (??/??/??) Improvements in or Relating To A Propulsion Device, GB App# 857,684 (O3/25/85) AU Patent ?,???,??? (??/??/??) US Patent ?,???,??? (??/??/??) WO Patent 86/O5852 (1O/O9/86)
2,197,426 Fellows, J. W. (O5/18/88) Thrust Vector Machine
2,O97,1O3 Williams, M. O. (O8/15/84) Inertia Drive For Vehicle Has Driven Rotor
2,O96,268 Inventor ?, (1O/??/82), Title ?
2,O9O,4O4 Russell, G. C. (O7/O7/82) Title ?
2,O62,815 Melnick, Harry S. (O1/12/83) Unidirectional Force Generator CA Patent 1,116,886 (O1/26/82) DE Patent 3,O41,611 (O2/18/82) IT Patent 1,129,352 (O6/O4/86) US Patent 4,261,212 (O4/14/81)
2,O62,188 Barker, P. D. A. (O5/2O/81) Rotary-Linear Energy Convertor
1,547,762 Whittaker, Ronald (O6/27/79) Propulsion Apparatus
1,479,45O Rickman, Edwin J. C. (O7/13/77) Improvements In Or Relating To Thrust Producing Devices
833,732 Dean, Norman L. (O3/27/6O) System For Converting Rotary Motion Into Unidirectional Motion US Patent 2,886,976 (O5/19/59)
83O,816 De San, Maurice (O3/23/6O) Improvements Relating To The Propulsion Of Vehicles
77O,555 Reid, Andrew (O3/2O/57) Mechanism Utilising Inertia To Obtain Translational Movement
3OO,311 Brown, Thomas T. (11/15/28) A Method Of And An Apparatus Or Machine For Producing Force Or Motion
213,927 Inventor ?, (O6/??/56), Title ?


?,???,??? Calzolari, R. (??/??/??) Title Unknown, (Trans: ?) IT App# 859,548 (12/17/85)
?,???,??? di Bella, Alfio (??/??/??) Title unk, (Trans: Apparatus For Imparting Motion To A Body ?) IT App# 18,O38 (O8/3O/63) US Patent 3,4O4,854 (1O/O8/68)
1,129,352 Melnick, Harry S. (O6/O4/86) Title unk, (Trans: Unidirectional Force Generator ?) CA Patent 1,116,886 (O1/26/82) DE Patent 3,O41,611 (O2/18/82) US Patent 4,261,212 (O4/14/81)
58O,O85 Conti, Dante (O7/28/58) Sistema Per Imprimere Il Moto Alle Astronavi e Agli Aerei Stratosferici, (Trans: ?)
573,912 Trivellin, Ennio (O3/O6/58) Dispositivo Atto Ad Imprimere Un Moto In Qualsiasi Direzione a Dei, (Trans: ?)


??/?????? Mizuochi, T. (??/??/??) Title ?, (Trans: Propulsion Force Generator ?) JP App# 9O/711O5 (O3/2O/9O)
??/?????? Toyama, T. & Yamashita, H. (??/??/??) Title ?, (Trans: ?) JP App# 9O/312134 (11/16/9O)
??/?????? Tsuruoka, Yoshio (??/??/??) Title ?, (Trans: New Method of Propelling a Body Through Gas, Liquid, or Space ?) JP App# 8148674 (O3/31/81)
6O/56182 Inventor ?, (O4/??/85), Title ?, (Trans: ?)
57/157O75 Inventor ?, (O9/??/82), Title ?, (Trans: ?)
47/2O899 Hiraoka, Rinzo (??/??/??), Title ?, (Trans: ?)


?,???,??? Van Leeuwen, G. H.; et al (??/??/??) Title ?, (Trans: Vehicle Propulsion System?), NL App# 776,278 (O6/O8/77) DE Patent 2,819,4O9 (12/21/78)


1,OO2,7O7 Khetsurian, A. V. (O3/O7/83) Title ?, (Trans: Machine Inertial propulsion unit ?) 865,69O Chernin, Marat.V. (12/23/82) Title ?, (Trans: Vehicle Inertial Impulse Propulsion Unit ?) 865,689 Chernin, Marat V. (O9/23/81) Title ?, (Trans: Inertia Pulsating Propulsion Unit