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Antigravitation in Biology
V. S. Grebennikov
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Cavity effects from nest of bees:

Cavity effect from bunch of pipes:

Interaction of the De Broighl wave with rotational detector

I have to note: Prof. Zolotarev, St.-Petersburg, 1996, demonstrated similar effects by means of his detector: it was small coil that is made of thin fiber optic cable. The coil was suspended by the same way and its rotation was resulting from interaction with De Broighl' wave.

Medical application of the effect:

Cavity effect experiment:

Cavity effect can be increased by means of rotation:

Effect that is produced by means of a book:

Perpetuum mobile that is based on helical structures (photo films) design:

The effect is applied in medicine as Otto Corshelt's device:

The effect also is known from ancient religious things:

The pyramid as detector:

The structure of energy flows (the Ether flows)  in the pyramid:

Juri N. Cherednichenko (Laboratory of biophysics Scientific Research Institute of General Pathology and Human Ecology SB Russian Ac. Med. Sci. Novosibirsk-city) 

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