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*AntiGravity Propulsion*
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Cutting-Edge Physics/Cosmology

These Links are associated with the latest and/or best cutting-edge main-stream Physics theories and experiments and researchers.   Some of the people are quite well-known, while others are relatively unknown at the present, but will undoubtedly become very popular when their theories are found to be effective.
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Cutting-Edge Physics/Cosmology
(Related to AntiGravity Propulsion)

Los Alamos National Laboratory...
Cutting-Edge Physics Papers are available here -usually first.
(e-Print archive, hep-th)
Physicists/Mathematicians check this Site very often - usually daily.
This is where Physicists look every morning to see what new papers have appeared "on the net". All the latest results in string theory and high energy physics appear here first! This is the backbone for cutting edge research in the field. (CAUTION: This is not a recreational web site! The preprints that appear here are very technical).

Stephen Hawking = Cutting-Edge Physicist - Official Web Site
The Stephen Hawking Page= Author: 'A Brief History of Time'
Richard Feynman = Cutting-Edge Main-Stream Physicist
Michio Kaku = Top-Notch Physicist - Book Author 'HyperSpace'
Fred Alan Wolf = Top-Notch Physicist at the cutting-edge of Science
David Bohm = Quantum Physicist - How Thoughts Shape Matter+++
David Bohm = Space-Time Reaction with Matter-Energy

Beyond the Quantum - Essays in the New Physics Unifying Mind and Matter

Scientific American -January 1999- 'Revolution in Cosmology' Inflation Theory, Antigravity Cosmological Constant +++

John Pierre - UCSB - OnLine Comprehensive Introduction to SuperString Theory with excellent Links!

'Official' SuperString Theory Web Site - Excellent Links and Physicists

Excellent Basic Introduction to SuperStrings

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