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'In all things it is a good idea to hang a question mark
now and then on the things we have taken for granted!'
- Bertrand Russell -
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* Bruce DePalma *
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Bruce DePalma - The 'N' Machine!

Research Status
Bruce DePalma: The 'N' Machine -
This 'Free-Energy generator is directly derived from the Faraday Unipolar/Disk generator with several features added to enhance the power output.    Also,   Mr. DePalma has the extra added advantage of special modern materials to add to the effectiveness of the machine.
The basic concept of the DePalma generator is that a rotating disk magnet produces an electrical voltage and subsequent current between the center of the disk and the outer edge.    Mr. DePalma's last experimental generator was designed to produce 12 volts DC at 10,000 amps  while operating at 6,000 rpms.    The diameter of the rotors was 12 inches and the total length of the test machine was approximately 3 feet.

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