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'There is one thing stronger than all the armies in the world,
and that is an idea whose time has come!'
- Victor Hugo -
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Stan Deyo AntiGravity Video
ASTOUNDING video by Stan including 'How-To' diagrams for
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Great article from NIDS-'Black Triangle' Aircraft Sightings -
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Based on their performance parameters, they must be using
Anti-Gravity or some level of Gravity/Mass-Nullification!
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Coral Castle - Check the Latest Magnetic-Wheel Photo!
Ed Leedskalnin built a castle of over 1000 tons of coral rock single-handed from 1923 to 1951. He claimed to know the secrets used to build the ancient pyramids.

John Hutchison - Canadian Researcher -
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Jean-Louis Naudin/Tom Bearden - AntiGravity and Free Energy -
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New $50 million Space Race Prize from Bigelow Aerospace
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NASA Space Prizes --- ($250,000 to $30 million)

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The X PRIZE-($10,000,000) -
Won by Space Ship One - Burt Rutan and Paul Allen - Nov. 2004

The X Prize originally DID NOT specify the type of propulsion -
They eventually mentioned only ROCKETS as the means of power -
WHY did they limit the propulsion to Rockets ?

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* Free-Energy Introduction *
Copyright 1997 - 2005 by CN Champe

Free-Energy systems and some other Alternate-Energy sources have shown at least some effects of gravity-manipulation as a side-effect of energy production.    Also, some of these energy-systems are ideal for any power requirements onboard an antigravity-powered craft.

Research Status
Present-day unsettling events in the World only serve to underscore the wholesale dependence of the United States and most of the other highly-industrialized nations on fuel oil as the prime source of energy to motivate the industrial base and personal transportation.

Incredibly, the industrialized nations may have ignored or suppressed a virtually unlimited self-contained supply of energy from technology which was discovered over 150 years ago.

This report presents several promising devices that indicate a 'Free-Energy' output.    The term 'Free-Energy' is applied to any system which is deriving its output energy from a presently undefined, but useable source.

In the 1830's, Michael Faraday discovered the basic principle of the electrical generator....a coil of wire spinning in the field of a permanent magnet creates an electrical current (electron flow) in that coil, which can then be utilized to power any type of electrical device.    This is exactly the same technique as used today to generate electrical power world-wide.

Hydro-electric plants, oil, gas, and coal-fired generating stations, nuclear powered stations, geo-thermal stations, and even high-tech windmills all rotate a coil of wire in a magnetic field to generate electrical power.    Naturally, the efficiency of various mechanisms used in each system means that the output of electrical power is some fraction of the potential energy of the driving resource.

As an example, an oil-fired generating plant may convert 25 to 30 percent of the potential energy of the fuel oil to actual electrical power.    Nuclear plants operate at about 3 percent efficiency,   while windmills can go as high as 35 percent.

But what if a system were available that produced almost 100 percent efficiency,   or incredibly,   over 100 percent efficiency ?   Apparently, this is what some independent, nearly unknown researchers have been rediscovering as an extention of Michael Faraday's basic generator research over a century-and-a-half ago !    Faraday had found that not only is a current generated in a coil spinning in a magnetic field,   if the magnet itself is spun on a shaft while attached to a copper disk,   an electrical current is generated between the axial shaft and the outer perimeter of the spinning disk-magnet !

For some obscure reason,   Faraday and subsequent researchers followed the method of spinning a wire coil in a stationary magnetic field for the design of electrical generators used up until the present day.    Possibly the lack of modern high-strength materials directed the path of development away from spinning magnets.

Independent inventors have put together electrical generators based mostly on the rotating magnet concept.    What is highly interesting is that their experimental data is showing efficiencies exceeding 100 percent,   and some show output energy exceeding input energy by a factor of two or more times !    These machines are known as 'Free-Energy' generators.

Nobody is quite sure just where this excess energy is coming from,   but theories abound - from the idea that this is a safe, radiation-free conversion of nuclear forces directly into electrical energy,   to the concept that this type of device taps the so-called 'zero-point-energy' of the space-fabric itself.

Whatever theory is correct,   a conversion efficiency of over 100 percent opens the realms of power generation to a system whereby no fossil fuels or expensive nuclear plants are required.    In fact,   it could be possible that each home would have a small,   self-contained electrical generator to supply all power needs for that dwelling.    Such a generator would be totally pollution-free and nearly noiseless,   so it could be located in any convenient location.

Bruce DePalma (passed on in 1997),  who formerly lived in Santa Barbara, CA,   Joseph Newman in Scottsdale Arizona,  and Paramahamsa Tewari,   in Bombay, India,   are three prominent experimenters in the publicly-little-known group of 'Free-Energy' researchers.

Bruce DePalma's experimental machine uses a magnetic rotor of approximately one foot in diameter to attempt to achieve a goal of 100 kilowatts of electrical power - a level large enough to supply about a dozen normal residences.

Mr. Newman installed one of his early machines in a small automobile for demonstration purposes.    While the automobile had a very low speed,   it was driven for several hours at a public demonstration.
Mr. Newman currently has a new free-energy design under development and testing in Arizona.

Paramahamsa Tewari is a head of Quality-Control for India's Nuclear Power Agency and has obtained world-wide patents for his 'Free-Energy' generator.

The researchers persuing this new energy technology are just at the initial stages of experimentation at this time.    No formidable materials or design problems seem to exist, so development of a production machine is expected to proceed reasonably quickly.

Apparently,   these machines can be made in small sizes, (approximately the size of a small automobile engine),   and do not require state-of- the-art sophisticated technology.    All of this adds up to a feeling among some researchers that actual implementation of the spinning- magnet generators into main-stream power generation could easily be only a few years away.    Quite likely,   well within this new decade.

Integrating this technology of pollution-free energy into world-wide commercial and private power systems,   would open the doors to a massive economic boost at all productive levels for commercial products and services.

New power systems could be built for all modes of transportation.    New electrical generators could be built for individual homes and central power stations for industrial complexes.    New spin-off products and new services would naturally develop as they have for other mile-stone inventions such as the laser and the transistor.

Overall,  a huge boost to the Nation's and subsequently the World's economy is probable, created by industry converting to the new energy technology !

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Researching - More to Come!

Researching - More to Come!

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