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Hans Coler - 'Magnetstromapparat'

Research Status
Hans Coler: 'Magnetstromapparat' -
This 'Free-Energy' generator was developed in the 1930's and produced an output of 12 volts.    This device is a solid-state unit consisting of only permanent magnets,  copper coils and condensers in a static arrangement.    A follow-up device called a 'Stromzeuger' was developed by Mr. Coler from which he claimed that with an input of a few watts of power from a dry battery,   an output of 6,000 watts could be obtained indefinitely.
The Stromzeuger device consists of an arrangement of magnets,   flat coils,   and copper plates with a primary circuit energized by a small battery.    A report was produced by the British Intelligence Objectives Subcommittee  (Final Report #1043, Item #31)   after WW2.