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Science cannot solve the ultimate mystery of nature.
And that is because, in the last analysis, we ourselves are part of nature
and therefore part of the mystery that we are trying to solve.
* Max Planck *
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* Robert Alexander *
* High-Efficiency Electrical Generator *
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Robert Alexander- High-Efficiency Electrical Generator Coming Soon!

Research Status
Robert Alexander: High-Efficiency Electrical Generator -
This device is a form of rotating electrical motor/generator arranged in such a way as to convert a substantially constant input voltage into a substantially constant output voltage;   involving generally a rotor that revolves at substantially constant speed within a stator and which comprises a transformer core subjected to and having a primary motor-transformer winding and a secondary transformer-generator winding;   whereby transformed and generated power are synchronously combined as increased output power.

Mr. Alexander has installed and operated this motor in a test automobile to demonstrate the 'Free-Energy' available from this device.

U.S. Patent No. 3,913,004