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Raymond Kromrey- High-Efficiency Electrical Generator!

Research Status
Raymond Kromrey- High-Efficiency Electrical Generator -
This design relates to an electric generator serving to convert magnetic force into electric energy with the aid of two relatively rotatable members,  i.e. a stator and a rotor,   one of these members being provided with electromagnetic or permanent-magnet means adapted to induce voltage in a winding forming part of an output circuit on the other member.    The armature carries windings in the form of two series-connected coils oriented at opposite sides thereof,   which is included in an output circuit adapted to be connected to a load.

As the armature-pole coils rotate within the stationary magnetic field,   the magnetic circuit is intermittently completed and the arnature experiences periodic remagnetizations with successive reversals of polarity.    This is a proven 'Free-Energy' generator which is a type of monophase transformer with parallel cores making up the stators and rotors.

U.S. Patent No. 3,374,376