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Stan Deyo AntiGravity Video from 2005 Ancient of Days Conference. - Released July 1, 2006
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Great article from NIDS-'Black Triangle' Aircraft Sightings -
- Aug 2004!

Based on their performance parameters, they must be using
Anti-Gravity or some level of Gravity/Mass-Nullification!
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Coral Castle - Check the Latest Magnetic-Wheel Photo!
Ed Leedskalnin built a castle of over 1000 tons of coral rock single-handed from 1923 to 1951. He claimed to know the secrets used to build the ancient pyramids.

John Hutchison - Canadian Researcher -
Incredible AntiGravity Experiments - Check the Photos and Videos!

Jean-Louis Naudin/Tom Bearden - AntiGravity and Free Energy -
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The X PRIZE-($10,000,000) -
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AntiGravity Propulsion
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Father Roger Joseph Boscovich (1711-1787)
- Atomic Forces -

     One of the original atomic theories, formulated by Father Roger Boscovich, stated that the atom was a mathematical point surrounded by alternating zones of repulsive and attractive forces.   This removes the duality of matter and a universal field.   Actually, we do not directly experience atoms or the other theoretical entities of microphysics.   What we do observe and measure and probe and use are the forces with which these hypothetical corpuscles are endowed.

     If all observable forces are manifestations of attraction and repulsion under different conditions and guises, then it is logical to assume the conversion of one force into another where the proper conditions are present.   Oersted utilized this logic in his long and successful search for the magnetic effect of an electric current.   Projecting this idea into the field of gravitational forces, we can readily surmise interconnections between gravity, electric, magnetic, weak and strong forces.

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Albert Einstein (1879-1955)
- Grand Unified Theory (GUT) -

     Einstein succeeded in formulating a set of equations which defined the inter-relationship of all phenomenon in the known Universe.   However, even today, work is still being performed to convert his theoretical mathematics into additional practical tools.

     In a study pertaining to the structure of elementary particles of matter, Albert Einstein concluded that matter could be theoretically constructed from a gravitational field and an electro-magnetic field.

     The gravitational field of Einstein's theory is characterized by ten functions which vary in space and time.   The gravitational field is influenced not only by the masses in motion, but also by electromagnetic fields.   While a pure gravitational field can exist without an electro-magnetic field, a pure electro-magnetic field cannot exist without a gravitational field.    The gravitational field is a 'geometrical field', while the 'electro-magnetic field' is a 'physical field'.

    Einstein reasoned that:   If the forces of gravity can be replaced by the effect of the acceleration of a moving system, then they cannot be 'real' forces such as the pull of a winch.   They must rather represent some geometrical property of a space-time continuum in which the motion of material bodies is taking place.

     In order to explain the gravitational field which may be present in one place (near the Sun), and practically absent in another (between the stars), it was necessary to introduce some geometric property which can vary widely from place to place.   This brought Einstein to the idea of curved space - varying in curature dependent on the local mass/nomass condition.

     Einstein argued that the motion of material bodies conventionally interpreted as being caused by the forces of gravity - might simply be due to the curvature of the four-dimensional space-time continuum in the vicinity of massive bodies such as our Sun.

     It can be illustrated how a varying curvature can take the place of a real physical force.   Picture a rubber membrane stretched over the top - and floating on - a filled swimming pool.   Assume a bowling ball, is thrown onto the pool cover, creating a depression in its local area.   If we then roll a tennis ball across the membrane, the depression created by the bowling ball will tend to deflect the tennis ball's path from a straight line.    Actually, it could 'capture' the tennis ball, causing it to go into some manner of orbit around the bowling ball.    If we were to look at the pool from above, we would not notice the depression and would assume that the motion of the tennis ball were due to an 'attraction' (a 'gravity' force) between the tennis ball and the bowling ball.

     In this illustration, the tennis ball would create its own slight depression which would correspond to a simulated small mass.     In both cases, the slope of the surface of the depressions at any point is representative of the local 'force'.     The depth of the depressions whould be relative to the amount of material that is in each of the mass bodies.

     Einstein's well-known equation,
E = mc2
can be easily turned around to read:
m = E/c2

     A consequence of this transformation is that mass can be represented by energy.     This then is a key to gravity phenomena, since gravity so far has been shown to be related only to mass.     The energy side of the equation may then represent the 'second pole' of gravity.     Gravity then being the one pole, and the potential energy of the mass causing the gravity being the 'opposite' pole.

     If a mass is totally transformed into its energy equivalent, this energy is in the form of electromagnetic radiation.      We might then explain gravity as the opposite pole of a 'contained' or potential radiation.    Another effect of this condition says that 'free radiation' cannot produce gravity, but whatever causes radiation to tie itself into knots called mass, also creates gravity !

    A side effect of this relationship would help explain how gravity causes the bending of light rays as predicted in Einstein's theory and demonstrated by experiment.     We could also consider the converse action of how light affects gravity !    A consequence should be a method of controlling gravity by light waves...or actually ANY electromagnetic waves !

    Since energy and mass are equivalent per the above equations, a gravitational field must be associated not only with every mass, but also with any amount or kind of energy !

    The Theory of Relativity applies only to the 'macro' world and does not apply to marginally small distances and time intervals.    The Theory of Relativity is based on the continuum of space-time and hence can be expected to apply only to those scales in which the continuum concept is valid.

    Contrast between a space-time continuum and a 'quantum' concept has been theorized to be resolved by (1) a hypothesis of the existence of a minimal discrete time interval; and/or (2) a hypothesis of the existence of a gravitational mass of which all elementary particles are integer multiples.    It is possible that gravitational waves could be quantitized and the resulting quanta of gravitons would probably have a zero rest-mass of a spin of 2.

     The concept of a gravitational 'force' disappears in a curved space-time theory of gravitation, and the gravitational field becomes a geometry of space-time.    How is the gravitational field, the geometry of curved space-time, determined by it's sources, the masses and concentrations of energy which produce the field?    The curvature of space-time gives rise, in a natural manner, to interestin new possibilities in cosmology.    The space of our universe can be finite in volume without having any boundaries, in much the same way in which the two-dimensional surface of a sphere in ordinary Euclidean space (our normally perceived universe) has a finite area.

    It is possible that gravitational mass causes the formation of a gravitational field and that the gravitational field causes the space-time to curve.    The 'general theory of relativity' could then more correctly be named the 'theory of the curvature of space-time under the influence of gravitation'.

    Antigravity devices can be readily theorized from Einstein's theory of gravity.    However, major breakthroughs would be needed in materials and energy resources before a practical antigravity device, based on his theories, could be constructed.

    According to Einstein, gravitational forces exerted by a body depends on both the mass of the body and its motion.    Because of the gravitational effects associated with rotating or accelerated masses, in theory it is possible to build a machine that will set up a gravitational field in any direction.    This field could then be utilized to counteract the Earth's gravitational field.

    Some effects calculated from the Einstein theory are   (1)Two parallel pipes with a high-density liquid flowing at a high velocity through them in the same direction, will repel each other due to the gravitational equivalent of the magnetic 'pinch-effect', and   (2)Two large, high-density rotating gyroscopes will repel each other if they are oriented properly.

    Another example of an antigravity device would be a unit of accelerated liquid mass whose flow could be equated to the electric current flow in a wire-wound torus.    In this system, the mass flow thru a pipe wound around a torus causes a gravity field in the torus.    If the flowing mass is accelerated, then this gravity field increases with time,   the varying field thereby creating a bipolar gravitational field,   which would then be very useful as a propulsion system.

    Unfortunately, in order to generate a force large enough to counteract the Earth's gravitational field,    it would take a mass of nuclear density accelerated at approximately 1012 ft/sec2   through a pipe hundreds of feet in diameter wound around a torus many miles in diameter !     This effect would still only last a small fraction of a second, as the mass would rapidly reach the speed of light !     Obviously, a machine system based on this configuration is quite impractical, but is still useful as a theoretical mental construct.

    Inertial mass changes with the velocity of a body based on Einstein's Relativity equations.    Since gravitational mass is equal to inertial mass, (again per Einstein), gravitational mass should also change with the velocity of the body.

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