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Stan Deyo AntiGravity Video from 2005 Ancient of Days Conference. - Released July 1, 2006
ASTOUNDING video by Stan including 'How-To' diagrams for
AntiGravity mechanisms. FREE Download - DON'T MISS THIS !!!

Great article from NIDS-'Black Triangle' Aircraft Sightings -
- Aug 2004!

Based on their performance parameters, they must be using
Anti-Gravity or some level of Gravity/Mass-Nullification!
Alt. Link - Corresponding Article at Space.com

Coral Castle - Check the Latest Magnetic-Wheel Photo!
Ed Leedskalnin built a castle of over 1000 tons of coral rock single-handed from 1923 to 1951. He claimed to know the secrets used to build the ancient pyramids.

John Hutchison - Canadian Researcher -
Incredible AntiGravity Experiments - Check the Photos and Videos!

Jean-Louis Naudin/Tom Bearden - AntiGravity and Free Energy -
Incredible Experiments Going on Now!

New $50 million Space Race Prize from Bigelow Aerospace
(Las Vegas, Nevada) ---

Corresponding News Article at Space.com

NASA Space Prizes --- ($250,000 to $30 million)

Corresponding NASA Web Site

The X PRIZE-($10,000,000) -
Won by Space Ship One - Burt Rutan and Paul Allen - Nov. 2004

The X Prize originally DID NOT specify the type of propulsion -
They eventually mentioned only ROCKETS as the means of power -
WHY did they limit the propulsion to Rockets ?

The Top 10 Physics Puzzles - Likely a Nobel Prize for each!

The Millennium Prize Math Puzzles -
$1,000,000 for each Solution!

Alt. Web Site - Extra Info thru Wikipedia.org (Encyclopedia)

******* Hot-Links *******

STAR WARS -(The Movie)=See AntiGravity in action !

Art Bell Show Web Site = They have probably interviewed the person or has a link to them!
Whitley Strieber's Site - Top-Notch UFO/ET Researcher
Richard Hoagland's Enterprise Mission Site - Top-Notch Researcher - HyperDimensional Physics, Mars, UFOs, +++

Linda M. Howe - Top-Notch Researcher - UFOs, Crop Circles, Environment+++
Black Vault UFO Site = Top-Notch Documentation
Keely Net = Free-Energy, Gravity-Control, Electronic Health+++
Space.com - All the Latest Space News + + +
Space.com - 5 Great Cosmic Mysteries
Jeff Rense - XLNT Resources on UFOs, Free Energy +++
Bill Beaty's Weird Science NewsGroups

American Antigravity - XLNT Resources on Space Propulsion, Free Energy +++

Robert Stirniman's AntiGravity Bibliography - I divided his original File of 450K into 20 standard pages for easier loading

John Hutchison - Nexus Mag Article -Incredible Technology! - He levitated various weights with Radiation Beams!!! Was on TLC-TV

John Hutchison - Info on AmericanAntigravity.com Web Site
John Hutchison - The Hutchison Effect Web Site
John Hutchison - Personal Web Site
NEXUS Magazine - Top-Notch Coverage of All Paranormal Phenomena
Swedish Association for New Physics - Incredible Links !!!

Bruce DePalma & P. Tewari Web Site - Free-Energy Machines!
Laura Lee Web Site - All Paranormal Phenomena - Syndicated Radio Show
Stan Deyo = UFOs, Prophecy, Built AntiGravity Machines for Government!

Stanton Friedman = Official Web Site

Remote Viewing - Incredible Technology - Ed Dames Site
Science Frontiers = BiMonthly Newsletter of The Unusual & Unexplained - Strange Physics Anomalies

Fortean Times OnLine = All Paranormal Phenomena+++
DEBS Home UFO Info and Links - XLNT!

Alien Zoo - Excellent Hot Info on UFOs +++

International Tesla Society Archives = Pikes Peak Library District

The Vortex World of Viktor Schauberger = The Water Wizard

Viktor Schauberger = The Water Wizard

Wilbert Smith - Canadian Government Researcher - UFOs, Magnets, Antigravity

Project Magnet = Gravito Magnetic Device - Wilbert Smith, David Hamel, Pierre Sinclaire

Green Leaf Publications - UFO Books & Tapes
Bob Lazar - Area 51 Physicist - Worked on UFOs
UFO-Mind = New Physics, AntiGravity, Area 51, Links+++

Robert O. Dean = UFOs = 'The UFO Anthology CD-ROM'
Budd Hopkins - ET Abduction Site
Richard Boylan Web Site UFOs+
Zero-Point Energy and Gravity Control
Great Links to Zero-Point Energy and Gravity Control

Crop Circle Connector = (England)
Miningco.com = Guide to Paranormal including AntiGravity
UFO Online (Italian Site) = UFO Links+
ParaNet Continuum = Info on Far-Out Science

Walter Wright's 'Push Gravity' Theory
KeelyNet = Free Energy+Gravity Control+Electronic Health
Infinite Energy Mag = Cold Fusion and New Energy Technology
Zero-Point Energy Web Site - Free-Energy and Gravity-Control !
The Institute for New Energy = Alternate Energy, Tesla, +++
MUFON - Minnesota Branch = UFO Reports & Links

MUFON - Los Angeles Branch

Faraday Laboratory (Russian) - Space Propulsion, Free-Energy

Bill Beatty = Weird Science = Tesla +++
John Searl = Magnetic Motor = Free Energy, AntiGravity

Sightings = TV Show

NASA's 'Breakthru Propulsion Physics Program'
NASA's 'Breakthru' -Warp Drive
NASA's 'Breakthru' -Emerging Possibilities
NASA's 'Breakthru'-Ideas We'd Like to Achieve
Excellent ANTIGRAVITY Newspaper Articles from 1955 !!!

Tom Van Flandern - The Speed of Gravity
Aethmogen - Robert Adams - Free Energy Systems
John Schnurer's Gravity Society
Verification the the Searl Effect (Antigravity Machine)
James Woodward's Mass-Reduction Theory
James Cox - Antigravity News and Space Drive Technology (Newsletter)

Nils Rognerud = "On the ElectroMagnetic Nature of Gravity"

Sylvester H. Christie ="The New Physics"
David Hamel - Canadian Researcher Building AntiGravity Machine

Anti-Gravity in the Himalays = Levitation by Sound
John Nordberg - 'What is Time?'
HAARP - Patent #4686605 = What it will do!
Jeff Rense- Internet Audio Broadcast - Mucho Cutting-Edge Science

Alternative Methods - Hamel AntiGravity Device Project
Alternative Methods - The Scalar Generator
Alternative Methods - Magnetic OverUnity Toy
Karen Lyster - New Zealand UFO Researcher - Great Site!

Jim Berkland - EarthQuake Theories and Predictions
Society for Scientific Exploration = Great Links to NASA Breakthrough Propulsion and Zero-Point Fields
Flying Saucer Review Magazine = Premier UFO Mag
Fate Magazine = Premier Paranormal Magazine
Bert Owsley = Design for Anti-Gravity Heat Pipe Generator
Michael Lindemann = Top-Notch UFO Researcher

UFO Web Sites
Physical UFOs apparently use some form of AntiGravity-
Many UFO reports give characteristics that should be solid clues to their propulsion systems - i.e. rotating hulls, electromagnetic field effects, visible light colors, accelerations, etc.

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Free Energy & Alternate Energy
(Related to AntiGravity Propulsion)

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Cutting-Edge (Main-Stream) Physics/Cosmology
(Related to AntiGravity Propulsion)

Physics/Cosmology Links Page

Ancient Sciences
(Related to AntiGravity Propulsion)

Mankind has apparently been re-inventing itself on a cyclic basis - seemingly every few thousand years!    High-Technology seems to follow each peak.

Ancient Sciences Links Page

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