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Bruce DePalma
Free-Energy and AntiGravity

     Bruce DePalma theorized, researched, designed, built, tested, and promoted many Free-Energy mechanisms.   His latest machines were an extention of one of Michael Faraday's original electric generators of the 1830's.     The machine basically uses a rotating permanent disk magnet(s), with the two power pick-ups at the periphery of the disk and the spinning shaft.
     During DePalma's testing, he made the startling discovery that when the machine was running, he obtained an antigravity effect.   The operating machine would lose a significant amount of weight!
DePalma Generator

Bruce DePalma's Web Site = Free-Energy, AntiGravity

Professor John Roy Robert Searl
Free-Energy and AntiGravity

     Prof. John Searl is the ONLY man in history to have built and flown an antigravity device called a LEVITY DISC , now called Inverse-G-Vehicle.

This was recorded by the BBC News and by the Newspapers. The BBC ran a weekly piece on Prof. Searls work and progress for almost a year. These Television broadcasts showed the Levity Disc in flight and gave updates on the work being done to build a large craft. There were articles and pictures in the Sunday Mirror on November 28'th 1971, Derby shire District and The Hants and Berks Gazette in 1969. There were pictures taken by John Hocknell Press Photographer which accompanied press write up by Phil Sanders on July 4'th 1969. There were many pictures and write-ups done on Prof. Searl during this time.

The power source for this amazing disc can also be used to generate electricity with no apparent input from outside. Because of the obvious economical repercussions to the big money oil industries, this marvelous invention was squelched.

Prof. Searl has offered this wonderful boon to all mankind since 1946. The story of his hardships and persecution is a long one. Long after most men would have given in to the pressures of big business and corrupt government officials he has come back one last time to offer this inspired work to the world.

The Searl Effect Generator (SEG) is a magnetic prime mover that operates with no friction. The SEG generates electricity that is capable of supplying power to the home or industry. When used in an Inverse-G-Vehicle, the SEG generates a gravitational field around the craft which can be directed for flight.

If we the people of the world choose to use this marvelous technology, we could eliminate pollution from the internal combustion engine and the various methods of home and industrial heating. Anything that can be run electrically can be driven by an S.E.G. with virtually no pollution and no use of fuel as we know it. Prof. Searl uses existing physics laws in a new application. He has written a series of books on his work and is offering them to the public. His technology is based on a coherent number system called THE LAW OF THE SQUARES. His books have the same name.
Searl Generator

John R.R. Searl Web Site
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Additional Info on John Searl and His SEG

John Roy Robert Searl was born May 2, 1932 in a very poor family in England. He was put in foster homes and separated from his brother and sister at the age of four. At the age of four and a half years old he started having dreams. The dreams came in pairs - first dream one, then a short time later, dream two; and they occurred twice a year for six years. The dreams stopped when he was at age ten. He knew the dreams meant something, so he worked at interpreting their meaning at age ten.

At 14 he made his first Searl Effect Generator (SEG). He was financed by an elderly Welsh gentleman by the name of George Hines. Mr. Hines believed in John and financed the first six SEGs that he built, all of which were lost. The first SEG was assembled in John's house at No. S Carl Street. It was a small unit and when he completed placing the magnetic rollers on the plates, it started to go faster and faster. As the SEG speeded up, it developed a field around it, lost its gravity, flew up and hit the ceiling! John was surprised because he was trying to make a generator, not anything that would go up in the air. Meanwhile, the SEG kept hitting the ceiling until it got out and it was lost. The five subsequent ones that he built were also lost because he didn't know how to contain the field that it generated.

As Prof Searl worked, he built a total of 40 levity disks. Many of them were lost in the begin ning until he learned how to control them. When he learned how to control the SEGs, after he tested them John would disassemble them to protect the technology. He would then try to use the parts for the next generation. The last craft done was Demo 1. Unfortunately, this craft, too, has been lost.

Basic Structure of the SEG

An SEG consists of a series of three rings and rollers that go around those rings. The first ring contains twelve rollers, this amount is the same as having a twelve-cycle or twelve-phase linear motor. A linear motor will not operate on less than twelve phases. There are many other correlations you can make, but this is working along with the laws of Nature. There are twelve plates on the surface of the earth, and twelve months of the year. There can be more than twelve rollers, but no less.

Figure 1 is an illustration of what an SEG would look like. It shows what we hope our final outcome will be to make one. You notice that there are three rows as you go out. There are not the same number of rollers for each ring . It goes up by approximately 10 rollers for each ring.

All of the construction details are based on the Law of the Squares. Looking at a cutaway section of a ring of rollers, we see that this SEG is made using the square of four. The rollers revolve around the plates that form the rings, but they do not touch them. The close-up of the roller in Figure 2 shows a center element and then three other elements going out from the central core of each roller. The plates will have the same center element on the inner side and the lightest element on the outside.

Figure 3 is a drawing of the elements going from the outside layer to the inside layer. It shows dimensions and you'll notice that one of the elements is nylon. Nylon 66 is the element Prof. Searl chose to use and he used it because it has a high negative content and it also has a double bond configuration. The nylon is used as a semi-conductor in a diode.

What you have basically is a solid state device here. Figure 4. The electrons are given off from the center element (which is neodymium), and they travel out through the other elements. If the nylon had not been put there, the SEG would act like a laser and one pulse would go out and it would stop, build up, and another pulse would go out. But, with the nylon in there, the nylon acts as a control gate, and that control gate gives you an even flow of electrons throughout the SEG.

Brushes for electron pickups are found on the outside edges of SEGs designated for use in the Inverse-G vehicles. Figure 5. A set of conventional C-shaped transformers would ordinarily collect the energy for use. The Inverse-G vehicle units are made a little bit different than a conventional generator in that instead of supplying 240 volts for Europe or 130 for the United States, it puts out hundreds of millions of volts. In order to transfer that energy to a usable place on the craft, and to direct it they pick it up with brushes. These brushes are positioned all around the out side.